15m x 10m Portable Football Pitch Still the Popular Choice

May 13, 2013
15m x 10m Portable Football Pitch Still the Popular Choice

We’ve been selling StreetStadia around the world for the past 4-5 years and in the time we have sold many different shapes and sizes.  Each country tends to have its own favourite size when it comes to our portable football pitch, for example, the USA are really embracing 5-a-side football – or ‘soccer’ as they prefer to call it – so there is demand for 30m x 20m StreetStadia’s.

Meanwhile, closer to home in Europe we can see Futsal becoming the latest footballing craze.  This fast paced game originated in South America and is played with a heavier than normal size 4 football for redouced bounce.  This is to encourage a faster passing game and eliminate the ‘long ball’ approach.   We supply a standard Futsal portable pitch of 26m x 16m with 3m x 2m goalposts – a popular choice for the European market.

Here in the UK we haven’t seen the uptake in larger pitches.  5-a-side football is popular throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland but the game is well catered for with no shortage of facilities.  Fustal, on the other hand, is still catching on in the UK and doesn’t have the participation seen in Europe.

15m x 10m Portable Football Pitch

The UK trend still seems to be for the smaller, more portable football pitch.  The most popular size StreetStadia has always been the 15m x 10m.  Why? – We think it comes down to portability.  Traditionally, the StreetStadia is used as part of outreach projects or social inclusion programmes.  These activities require a portable football pitch that can be easily transported, usually to inner city areas, where it can be assembled for a short period of time, normally less than a day, before being dismantled and taken away.  The 15m x 10m StreetStadia packs neatly into a 10ft x 6ft x 6ft box trailer making ideal for transportation.

While we expect to see the demand for larger pitches increase over the coming years, there will always be a demand for the smaller portable football pitch.

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