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StreetStadia is a portable multi use games area manufactured (MUGA), here in the UK, by our experienced technicians and to the very highest standards.  It has a wide range of uses, capabilities and benefits:

  • Designed for use on grass, tarmac, concrete and artificial surfaces, StreetStadia is suitable for play and events on almost any open area – both night and day, indoors and out.
  • StreetStadia is quick and easy to assemble and dismantle and can be  transported in our specially designed StreetStadia trailers, which allow you to take the whole system wherever you want.
  • Across the UK, StreetStadia has provided projects, councils, businesses, Fire Services, Police Forces, Football Clubs and Not for Profit Organisations with a means to engage local communities and spread their message.
  • StreetStadia has proven itself as a great way to provide young people with fun and stimulating ways to pass their time, helping to reduce anti-social behaviour in the area. During one StreetStadia project, incidents of ASB fell by over 60% within ½ mile radius of the venue.
  • StreetStadia is incredibly adaptable to your needs so whether you want it bigger, smaller, fitted with basketball hoops, tennis nets or a host of other sports equipment, we can put together the perfect StreetStadia  for you.
  • Safety, accessibility and product quality are our primary concerns so we ensure that every aspect of a StreetStadia is tested thoroughly and complies with any safety regulations. Wheelchair Accessibility can be incorporated on request.
  • Each panel is made from hard wearing, noise reducing materials and can be customised to correspond with your brand, advertising and team requirements.

For more information on StreetStadia contact our team today or call us on +44 (0) 1302 725577.

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