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Each StreetStadia is supplied with four branded panels leaving all the rest blank – great for branding or advertising!

The panels have a smooth powder coated finish that offer a proactive, low-cost opportunity to showcase brands and messages. Each and every one of your system’s panels can be specially branded with high quality designs of your choice to promote your brand, sponsors, or affiliates, wherever the StreetStadia is in use.

Selling advertising space on your StreetStadia can be an ideal way to raise funds for your project, to help purchase your StreetStadia.  Sponsors may be interested in your project if it deals with these topical issues:-

  • Helping promote positive messages such as health and wellbeing
  • Supporting the local community
  • Reducing Anti Social Behaviour (ASB)
  • Encouraging sports participation amongst children, youths and adults
  • Providing education on topical issues such as drugs, alcohol, knife crime etc.
  • Reducing obesity across all age groups
  • Improving community cohesion
  • Introducing new sports to schools and communities

We can offer a branding service that includes design, print and application of high quality vinyl stickers.  Either supply us with your artwork or ask us to help you design something that gets your message out there!

Our nets are also customisable, so every part of your StreetStadia can match your brand, sponsorship or team colours.

Branding your StreetStadia will do more than just raise awareness, it will also associate the advertised brands with the positive and healthy image that comes with sport and the tackling of anti-social behaviour.

For more information on branding and advertising contact our team today or call us on +44 (0)1302 725577.

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