StreetStadia Dimensions

StreetStadia dimensions vary across the range but it is important to know that each system is made up of a selection of standard size components that are completely interchangeable.  This means you can build any size StreetStadia that best suits your requirements.  If you know the StreetStadia dimensions you are looking for, please contact us to speak to a helpful member of staff.

Dimensions 2 1 StreetStadia Dimensions

StreetStadia come in three standard sizes but our skilled staff have the capabilities to quickly craft a bespoke StreetStadia to meet the requirements of any customer.

For more information on StreetStadia dimensions please contact our team today or call us on +44 (0)1302 725577

.18m 12m StreetStadia DimensionsThe 18m x 12m StreetStadia is a great value system and ideal for a whole range of activities such as community projects, football in the community events, academy training sessions, live football events and commercial football promotions. 

This is the largest size that is practical to transport in our StreetStadia trailer.  Assembling the size system should take no more than 35 minutes for for two experienced staff.

pics11 StreetStadia Dimensions

15m 10m StreetStadia DimensionsThe 15m x 10m StreetStadia is the perfect size for small sided football and junior football matches.  Just like the larger systems, this size StreetStadia is easy to assemble using the same components, just less of them.

The 15m x 10m system will fit comfortably into one of our StreetStadia trailers with room to spare, making this the ideal model for social inclusion and outreach projects.pics21 StreetStadia Dimensions12m 8m StreetStadia DimensionsThe 12m x 8m StreetStadia is great for mini football and junior soccer events and is the best fit for small venues.  Assembling this size system should take no more than 30 minutes for suitable trained and experienced staff.

The smaller dimensions make it a suitable for occasions when there might be limited space, in shopping centres or school playgrounds.

It is worth noting that a 12m x 8m StreetStadia can be assembled from the components of a larger 18m x 12m system.