StreetStadia Trailer

StreetStadia Bespoke Trailer1 StreetStadia Trailer

The StreetStadia can be supplied with its own custom built StreetStadia Trailer that makes moving from venue to venue, swift, safe and convenient.  The StreetStadia Trailer is manufactured in the UK using a strong, fiberglass fronted plywood body that sits on a sturdy twin axel chassis. To the rear of the trailer is an aluminium roller shutter door that offers easy access to the whole of the trailer.

The StreetStadia is stored safely inside the trailer thanks to a strong steel frame that is designed to make maximum use of the space available. The interior is designed and manufactured by us to ensure the components are transported without damage and are easy to load and unload.

StreetStadia Trailers are manufactured to order so you can choose the size of your trailer to suit the dimensions of your StreetStadia.  Stronger chassis and longer wheel bases are available for those who require a larger StreetStadia or just want more space for other items such as disabled access doors, lights or sports equipment.

The StreetStadia Trailer complies with all DVLA safety regulations and is designed to reduce fuel consumption and offer greater stability whilst towing.  Trailers can be manufactured to suit European legislation on request.

For more information on the StreetStadia Trailer contact our team today or call us on +44 (0)1302 725577.