Bolton Wanderers Community Trust team up with StreetStadia

February 19, 2014
Bolton Wanderers Community Trust team up with StreetStadia

Following a strong and successful bid by Bolton Wanderers Community Trust (BWCT) and five Bolton based Asda supermarket stores, a mobile StreetStadia is now bringing fun, excitement and educational activities to all communities throughout Bolton.

This investment coincides with the announcement by local authorities that a focus on sport will be used to get people back into work and tackle anti-social behaviour in areas of Bolton thanks to the Sports Reunited project – a project to encourage families living in Tonge Moor, Breightmet, New Bury in Farnworth and Washacre in Westhoughton to take part in different sporting activities.

The scheme is run by Bolton Council, Bolton at Home and Bolton Wanderers Community Trust, and will target people who have never tried, or no longer take part in sport.

They will be encouraged to join family-friendly activities in a bid to get them to play sport in informal community settings and join local clubs.

Town Hall chiefs hope the initiative will not only improve health and wellbeing of local people, but that it will also reduce anti-social behaviour, increase school attendance and even help people looking for work to find a job.

Cllr Anthony Connell, Bolton Council’s cabinet member for sport, said:

Taking part in sport and physical activity can help improve young people’s health and wellbeing, as well as boosting their skills and ultimately can even serve as a pathway to a job.

We hope that the families and young people who are introduced to sport as part of this project will have fun, learn new skills and be motivated to succeed, both at sport and also in getting jobs and progressing into work.

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As part of a three year project, Jon Lord, Chief Executive of Bolton at Home has offered BWCT the use of a minibus to help deliver the sports and health & community cohesion based initiatives into local housing estates and disadvantaged areas.

Also with support from Great Places Housing, Bolton Wanderers Community Trust coaches and staff will put together a schedule that will see the mobile facility out in the community throughout the week, 12 months of the year.

The Sports Reunited project — costing £213,000 — has been given a £109,000 grant from Sport England to run the project. It is one of 36 projects to receive a share of £5.9 million of funding from Sports England to support grassroots sport activity.

Mike Diaper, Sport England Director of Community Sport, said: “It’s great to be working with innovative projects, like Sports Reunited to offer people the chance to get into sport in a way that best suits them.”

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Those taking part in different sporting activities will also be made aware of training courses where they can increase their skills and motivation to become volunteers in the community.

It’s hoped they will ultimately become “community activators” and get others involved in sport, as well as finding jobs thanks to the training and volunteer work.

Sporting activities will be set up in response to what people want, and could include football and basketball.

For more information on how the StreetStadia can help reduce anti social behaviour in your area contact our team today or call us on 01302 725577.



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