Four Reasons StreetStadia can Help Reduce Anti Social Behaviour

January 27, 2014
Four Reasons StreetStadia can Help Reduce Anti Social Behaviour

The cost to the UK economy resulting from offending by young people is estimated between £8 and £11 billion per year. It’s no surprise then that reducing antisocial behaviour is not only topical but of extreme importance to local authorities looking to save money and rebuild communities.

Youth crime and antisocial behaviour are complex social issues but the benefits that sport has in reducing these issues is well documented.  Across the UK, Councils are working with partners to run social inclusion projects to help engage with young people and sport plays an important part of that strategy.

StreetStadia is portable Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) that is transported in a box trailer (or van) and can be erected in is little as thirty minutes to produce a safe environment in which to play a whole variety of sports.  Used all over the world, StreetStadia is helping projects reduce anti social behaviour by as much as 60%.

StreetStadia Workshops 2 Four Reasons StreetStadia can Help Reduce Anti Social Behaviour

Here are four reasons why we think every social inclusion project looking to reduce anti social behaviour should have one:-

1. Something to do

According to the Sport and Recreation Alliance, seven in ten teenagers believe antisocial behaviour occurs because young people are bored, and six in ten say that there isn’t enough for young people to do in their area.

StreetStadia makes a high visual impact thanks to a ‘cage’ like appearance making it interesting and exciting to young people.  The portability of the StreetStadia only adds to the appeal and allows project leaders to take sport right into the areas where it is needed.

By providing a fun and safe environment in which to play sport, the StreetStadia creates the perfect diversion from undertaking criminal and anti social behaviour.

2. Workshops

By including life skills workshops alongside sport and recreation programmes other risk factors can be addressed such as alchaholism, substance abuse, knife crime, health and wellbeing and employment – all topical issues being successfully dealt with as part of StreetStadia projects.

The key here is to get young people together in the same place so that workshops can be run effectively.  It’s unlikely youths will gather or travel any distance for a workshop alone but the range of sport and recreational activities available through the StreetStadia means there is always something to appeal to any individual.  The wide variety of sports combined with it’s physical attraction will produce a captive audience.

StreetStadia Workshops Four Reasons StreetStadia can Help Reduce Anti Social Behaviour

3. Social inclusion

This is often considered one of the key benefits of any community based projects.  Sport and recreation can break down barriers between groups of people in a local area who might not otherwise engage.  This is particularly effective since the rules that govern sport are not based on faith or beliefs, therefore removing ethnicity and religion as barriers.

That said, traditional youth centres and sports facilities are often located in areas to cater for specific communities and can exclude minority groups.  With the StreetStadia, projects can travel into the heart of a community, targeting those areas most in need, without the additional cost of setting up facilities across the region.

4. Cost

It comes as no surprise that traditional facilities like Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA) and Youth Centres are expensive, often costing well into the hundreds of thousands.  Add to this the complications of raising funds, planning permissions, budgets, staffing and maintenance and it’s easy to see how a good idea can turn into a headache.

A StreetStadia costs a fraction of the cost of a typical MUGA – costing only £10,000 and £20,000 depending on size and specification.  There’s no planning permissions to consider and the product is virtually maintenance free.

StreetStadia still remains the only product of it’s kind to be manufactured here in the UK.  If you would like more information on StreetStadia please contact our friendly team on 01302 725577 or email us.



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