Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Entertain Youngsters with Cage Football

November 14, 2013
Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Entertain Youngsters with Cage Football

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) has been busy this year entertaining young people with Cage Football thanks to a StreetStadia portable football pitch.  The StreetStadia together with a climbing wall were just some of the entertainment offered by Hindley Fire Station when it opened its doors to the community throughout the summer.

The StreetStadia , supplied in a bespoke box trailer, is fully portable and a great way for fire fighters to engage with young people in the community.  Its panelled sides and high level surround netting give the StreetStadia an urban cage feel that appeals to youngsters and often gets referred to as the ‘Cage’.  GMFRS has taken this one step further and created their own game of Cage Football.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

GMFRS runs a variety of programmes to educate and inform children and young people about the dangers of fire, fire-related crime and its consequences.

A significant number of young people experience a wide range of problems, including unemployment following education, mental ill health, and being a victim of crime.  While these problems affect young people throughout the country, disadvantage is frequently concentrated in the most deprived neighbourhoods.

There can also be a sense of disengagement, often resulting in anti-social behaviour, youth crime, drug offending and school exclusions.  GMFRS do a great job in the Greater Manchester community working to reduce anti-social behaviour and prevent crime.  You can read more about their work on the website.

Cage Football – Engaging with Youngsters

Borough Manager Steve Sheridan, who joined in the summer project as GMFRS’ goalkeeper in the Cage Football event commented:-

It’s fantastic that Hindley Fire Station is opening its doors to the community in this way. Seeing young people take part in team building and sporting activities and engaging with our firefighters as role models at the station is fantastic. After the success of the half-term Sports Zone we’ll host caged five-a-side football every Friday evening at Hindley Fire Station.

Scores of young people called in to the Borsdane Avenue Fire Station in Hindley, where they got the chance to play Cage Football in the station yard.  Casey Smith, aged 12, said: “It’s really good – the climbing wall’s well good and I scored three goals playing football against the lads.  I even put one past a fire fighter!”

Cage football greater manchester fire and rescue service Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Entertain Youngsters with Cage Football

Funding from Sport England

Working in partnership with Wigan and Leigh Culture Trust (WLCT) and Greater Manchester Police, the project began days after almost £180,000 of Sport England funding was awarded which will see GMFRS fire stations in Wigan become Sport Zones.  Chair of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, Councilor David Acton explained:-

We’re absolutely delighted that the Sport England funding will allow us to open up our fire stations in Wigan like this to host sporting activities for the community. Our fire stations are at the heart of communities and activities like this provide a unique opportunity for the young people of Wigan to use a fire station to help them keep fit and active.

Over the next 12 months, the funding will see fire stations in Wigan, Leigh and Atherton become Sports Zones, storing sporting equipment and offering multi-sport opportunities in a bid to encourage community fitness and reduce anti-social behaviour.

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