New Gallery Page Added to StreetStadia Website

April 29, 2013
New Gallery Page Added to StreetStadia Website

We are always receiving compliments about our StreetStadia website, not only for its ‘cool’ design but for its informative features.  Well we’ve decided to make a few changes and add a ‘Gallery’ page to the site so you can share the experiences of StreetStadia users around the world.  To get started we have included selection of images taken across four continents, including pictures from Dubai – UAE, Orlando – USA, Lisbon – Portugal , Boston – USA, Ontario – Canada and of course a selection of shots from Doncaster, here in the UK.

The StreetStadia is designed to be used on almost any surface that is flat and over the coming weeks – as we add more pictures to our gallery – you will see how versatile the StreetStadia really is.  We even have great shots of it being used on the beach!

Using the new gallery page couldn’t be simpler.  Select and click ‘Gallery’ from the menu bar at the top of the home screen and then choose from one of the images displayed.  If you click on the image it will open up a portfolio of photographs from that event.

Alternatively, you can click on this link to take a look at the StreetStadia Gallery.

Here are a couple of galleries that we like:-

StreetStadia outside the home of Orlando City FC (below)

Our distribution partner in the USA first introduced StreetStadia to the American people back in 2010 and here you can see the young ‘soccer’ fans really getting to grips with portable football pitch.  The StreetStadia is being used as part of a promotional event outside the Florida Citrus Bowl for Orlando City’ home game against New York FC.  Orlando won the game 3-0.

StreetStadia has been well received over in the USA and we will be bringing some more great images in the coming weeks.

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StreetStadia takes to the streets of Portugal (below)

These pictures were taken during a promotional event organised by Street Futebol and the local councillors and took place in a small town in Portugal.  On this occasion the StreetStadia was ideal for assembly in the centre of the town creating a focal point for families to enjoy a game of football in a location not normally accessible.

Portugal Town Centre 4 New Gallery Page Added to StreetStadia Website

Benfica use StreetStadia in ‘REDPASS’ promotional event

Benfica FC are one of many professional clubs to use the StreetStadia portable football pitch.  Here you can see the StreetStadia being used in Restauradores Square, Lisbon where it has been used to create a safe enclosure so that Benfica players could sign autographs and play futvolei with supporters.  Approximately 500 Benfica fans had the chance to mingle and play with their football idols.

SDC10363 New Gallery Page Added to StreetStadia Website

If you would like us to feature pictures from your StreetStadia event then please get in touch and email your pictures to .  We’d love to here from you.

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