3 Examples of StreetStadia Helping Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour

November 25, 2013
3 Examples of StreetStadia Helping Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour

A couple of weeks ago we blogged about how StreetStadia was helping social inclusion projects across the UK reduce Anti-Social Behaviour.  Well, we’ve been overwhelmed by people asking to know more about successful projects so we thought we would elaborate.

We should point out at this stage that a successful outreach project needs more than just a StreetStadia and the following projects wouldn’t have worked without the hard work and determination of the staff and volunteers involved.


Fire Support Network – Merseyside

Merseyside Fire Support Network (FSN) is a charitable organisation linked with Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service (MFSR).  In 2007 the charity founded a project called ‘Cage Football’ with the view to improve social cohesion by providing a safe environment where young people could participate in evening football sessions.  The ultimate aim was to help them divert away from possible crime, anti social behaviour and fire related incidents.

FSN ran the project with the help of a portable football pitch purchased from StreetStadia.  Following a very successful 10 month pilot which attracted hundreds of youngsters and with further backing from the Big Lottery Fund, FSN purchased additional StreetStadia portable multi-sport systems.

FSN collected a wealth of statistics over the course of a two stage project – too many to include in this blog - but here are some of the key findings from the Knowsley project:-

  • 64 young people have gained F.A. Level One Coaching Qualifications
  • a further 60 people volunteer to work with the FSN on the project
  • Instances of nuisance calls made to MFRS fell by over 50%
  • Cases of police recorded ASB fell by 32%

FSN Cage Football2 3 Examples of StreetStadia Helping Reduce Anti Social Behaviour

West Bromwich Albion Community Trust

Kickz is a national programme, coordinated by the Football Foundation. It provides diversionary activities for young people in areas of high deprivation and anti-social behaviour. Kickz aims to reduce levels of crime and anti-social behaviour. It also works to reduce barriers between the police and young people, encourage opportunities for volunteering, education and employment, and increase the number of young people playing, coaching and officiating in sport.

West Bromwich Albion Football Club (WBAFC) runs the Kickz project in Sandwell through its Albion Foundation – the football in the Community arm of the club. Over a measured period of time there would typically be three sessions a week at each of two venues. Each session would run for three hours and over 1,000 young people took part. While the sessions were largely based around football there was also basketball, street dance, and music and arts workshops on offer.

WBAFC own two StreetStadia portable football pitches that feature in their Kickz project.  Superintendent Bob Spencer is on record stating “Kickz has been a great success and has reduced anti-social behaviour up to 50% in some areas.”

streetstadia kicksz 1 3 Examples of StreetStadia Helping Reduce Anti Social Behaviour

Safer Communities CIC

Safer Communities CIC was setup after Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service worked with a private company – Fire Support – to build ten brand new fire stations across Staffordshire.  Most people realise that the work of a fire and rescue service is not just about responding to fires and other emergencies.  It’s about working with partner agencies and the community to help prevent them happening in the first place.

During 2013 the Safer Communities CIC ran a social inclusion project between April 2012 and March 2013 that included an 18m x 12m StreetStadia.  The project included 49 events engaging 1,200 young people.  During this time deliberate fires started in the area fell by a massive 83%.

If that wasn’t enough, reports of anti social behaviour in the Cannock Chase local area fell by 29%.

Safer communities CIC portable football pitcch 1024x6823 3 Examples of StreetStadia Helping Reduce Anti Social Behaviour

StreetStadia – It has the ‘X’ Factor

So, are we surprised at these figures? Why do we believe these projects are achieving such positive results?  Here’s what our company director, Steven Lane thinks:-

No, we’re not surprised at these figures.  I have met with all three of these organisations and I know the staff behind the projects work very hard to deliver an excellent service in their community.

We believe the success of these projects is in part down to the appeal of the StreetStadia.  It’s important for any outreach project to have ways to attract and engage with young people and the StreetStadia has that ‘X Factor’.  It creates a focal point – a place to go.

I have personally attended projects up and down the country and seen first hand the impact the stadia has.  Crowds of young people from ages 5 to 25 are intrigued and gather to see the pitch being assembled and can’t wait to get inside and play.

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