StreetStadia Increase Stock Levels

May 20, 2013
StreetStadia Increase Stock Levels

StreetStadia is the first product of its kind to be manufactured here in the UK and we are pleased to announce that the world’s favourite portable football pitch is in stock and available for immediate delivery.

StreetStadia is a fantastic portable sports arena that turns an open area into a dynamic portable soccer pitch (or multi sports arena) in a matter of minutes. Designed for use on grass, tarmac, concrete and artificial surfaces, the StreetStadia is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The 15m x 10m StreetStadia is our bestselling system and is ideal for a whole range of football and sporting events such as cage football, street soccer, panna soccer and more…. It has proved extremely popular amongst children of all ages and is used for many community outreach projects, football in the community events, academy training sessions, live football events and commercial football promotions.  StreetStadia can be seen all around the UK, being used as part of Social Inclusion Projects tackling topical issues such as anti-social behaviour, knife crime, alchaholism, substance abuse, obesity and much more.

With a host of Councils, charities, Fire Service, Police Force and Professional Football clubs buying into the benefits of StreetStadia we have taken steps to increase the number of StreetStadia we hold in stock to allow for a ‘speedy’ delivery!

Our core range  includes a selection of smaller portable football pitches (18m x 12m and 15m x 10m) but thanks to the StreetStadia’s unique design each of its parts are inter changeable and can therefore be used to assemble an arena of any size.  If you would like to see one of our StreetStadia’s in action or would like to visit our head office in Doncaster to how the StreetStadia is made then please get in touch.

For more information on StreetStadia contact our team today or call us on 01302 725577.



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