StreetStadia Kicks Off Around the World

April 10, 2012
StreetStadia Kicks Off Around the World

The StreetStadia brand continues to expand and is now available on four continents thanks to a network of distributors.

As a result of ever increasing interest from around the globe, StreetStadia has brought forward its international expansion programme to meet the growing demand.

After launching its export division in 2011 PMF Products Ltd, owner of the StreetStadia brand, has received an unprecedented response and interest from around the world. Over 1500 enquiries from more than 50 different countries!

Even after such a short time the StreetStadia brand is now represented by distributors in USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Portugal, and the UAE.

Jeff Boxen is in charge of International Business Development at PMF Products and when asked about the recent success he commented:-

We have always known StreetStadia is a fantastic product that would be well received by the rest of the world. This is an exiting time for the company and we expect StreetStadia to be active in more than 20 countries by the end of the year.

Designed for use on grass, tarmac, concrete and artificial surfaces, StreetStadia is suitable for play and events on almost any open area both night and day, indoors and out.   Throughout the UK StreetStadia has been proven to help reduce anti social behaviour when used as part of a structured out reach project.  Jeff Boxen added:-

StreetStadia are now looking for the next phase of entrepreneurs to take StreetStadia into countries across Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. As StreetStadia becomes an internationally recognised brand each distributor will benefit from our growing network so this is an ideal time for sports enthusiasts to get on board.”

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