StreetStadia – Reducing Anti Social Behaviour

November 4, 2013
StreetStadia – Reducing Anti Social Behaviour

In a recent government survey it was published that approximately 30% of the UK’s population has experienced an incident of Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) at some point during the last 12 months.  This is a staggering figure translating to over 20 million people experiencing threatening, abusive and generally unpleasant behaviour.

There is evidence to suggest that anti social behaviour is often a precursor to more serious offending behaviour among young people.  Once this pattern of behaviour is established it can be difficult to break the cycle and reoffending rates for young offenders can be relatively high.

We all know recent budget cuts have put a strain on local authorities’ abilities to tackle instances of ASB and as a result there is more emphasis than ever before on tackling the causes of ASB – after all, prevention is better than cure!

It has long been recognised that sport has an important role to play in preventing young people becoming involved in crime and anti-social behaviour.  Boredom is often suggested as a key contributor to ASB in young people and as a result Local Authorities, Charities, the Police Force and the Fire Service are always looking for new and interesting ways to engage with young people.

Well, here at StreetStadia we have developed a product that we think ticks all the boxes.  StreetStadia is a portable Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) that can be erected in as little as 30-40 minutes and provides a safe and exciting arena for young people to play sport.  Its robust steel/aluminium construction makes it ideal for the rough and tumble of street sports while the ‘cage’ style netting gives it an urban feel that appeals to youngsters.

Supplied in a bespoke box trailer, the StreetStadia is entirely portable and can be erected on just about any surface that is relatively flat.  We’ve known customers erect the StreetStadia in car parks, in fields, on the beach, in the middle of a street and even at the top of a mountain – it doesn’t get more versatile than that!

The StreetStadia appeals to boys and girls of all ages thanks to a Multi Sports pack that makes it suitable for Netball, Badminton, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton and of course Football.  That’s not all,  StreetStadia can be used for tag Rugby, Dodgeball, Quick Cricket, Hockey/Roller Hockey and much more.  The system can also be supplied with a disabled access door system suitable for wheelchair access.

StreetStadia is proving a very popular tool for those organisations up and down the country wanting to run social inclusion and outreach projects that interact with people of all ages.  This product offers a focal point that creates interest but don’t take our word for it – take a look at the links below see what our customers think:-

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Cheltenham YMCA Choose StreetStadia for Outreach Project

Alternatively, get in touch and we’ll put you in contact with successful projects using StreetStadia in your area or within your organisation.

For more information on how the StreetStadia can help reduce anti social behaviour in your area contact our team today or call us on 01302 725577.



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